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The FRP Cable Support Systems is most suitable where the metallic Systems gets Corroded (Iron gets rusted and Alluminium develops White or Silver grey Patina)

The Causes Of Corrosive Attack Are :-

Simple Chemical Attack :- When The Environment Is Loaded With
Chemical Vapours, The Attack Is Severe.
Simple Chemical Corrosion :-
Chlorine Contents :- In Atmospheric Air (Coastal / Sea)

In any event the Metallic System Has Limited Service Life / Expectancy (Regardless Of How The End Point In Defined)

Cable Trays

Frp Cable Trays :

Designed To Withstand Corrosion And Stresses.

The Main Features Are :

  • Corrosion Resistant Excellent Environmental Resistant
  • Rigid & Structurally Strong
  • High Impact strength
  • Light Weight
  • Non Conductive (Electrical & Thermal)
  • Non Sparking
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Non Magnetic
  • Resistant to Chipping and Cracking
  • U. V. Stabilized
  • No Water Absorbsion
  • Material of construction :-
    Main Ingredients :

  • Glass Fibres (Roving)
  • Glass Mat
  • Surface veil
  • Additives

  • Process Pultrusion :-

    Pultrusion is a manufacturing process for producing continuous length of reinforced plastic structural shapes.

    The process involves pulling of Continuous Glass Fibres, Continuous Glass Fibre Mat, Plastic fibre veil through a liquid resin bath. The glass fibre gets impregnated by the resin mixture and this impregnated fibre is pulled through a heated steel shaping die, where the resin gets GEL and the SOLID CONTINUOUS PROFILE comes out of the die.

    The continuous Glass Roving give the strength in the longitudinal direction, where as Glass Mat gives the strength in the transverse direction.

    The type of Resin to be used depends upon the environment where the cable support System is to be used.

    For General Environment :- ISO PHATHALIC GRADE
    For Severe Corrosive Environment
     (Caustic and strong acidic) :-


    Types Of Cable Trays :-

    Ladder Type
    It Is A Structure Consisting Of Two Longitudinal Side Members Connected By Individual Transverse Members Called Rung.
    The Longitudinal Members Are C-Channel
    Cable Tray Ladder Type


    The Rungs are specially designed to
    Withstand the load
    Allow the cable to dropout without contacting a sharp edge.
    Double inside fold is used to anchor the fastener head for clamping the Cables.
    frp Cable Trays Ladder Type

    Joining Of Transverse & Longitudinal Members :-

  • To get the shape of the ladder Transverse & longitudinal members are joined together.
  • The strongest connections are made by using : Mechanical Fasteners (S.S. Rivet or Nut / Bolts)

  • Perforated Type :-

    It is a structure consisting of bottom (ventilated or solid) with the longitudinal siderails. (Perforations are made by drilling holes)

    Matching Accessories :-

    The Following accessories are generally used to complete the system :

  • Bends
  • Tees
  • Cross
  • Reducers etc

    Frp Cable Trays Tees


    Notes :- All CUT or Machined Edges, Holes & Abrasions Must be Sealed with Resin

    Installation :-

    General :- The cable Trays and Accessories are bolted together and fixed to Supporting member. For the purpose of bolting together the side rails and all accessories have holes on each end for fixing Connector plates.
    Support Span :- Recommended Support Span at installation site must not exceed 2000.
    Cable Fill :- Recommended cable fill should not normally be more than 80% of the inside area of the cable tray.

    Loading Capacity :-

    The Working load capacity represents the ability of a cable tray to support the weight of the cable and the following guidelines should be Considered for loading the trays.

    With the Support span not exceeding 2000 mm, the maximum designed loading is UDL + 70 kg. Concentrated Load at the Centre of the Span :

    U. D. L. (Cable Load) Width
     30 kg / linear mtr 150 mm
    60 kg / linear mtr 300 mm
    90 kg / linear mtr 600 mm
    120 kg / linear mtr 750 mm


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