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FRP Motor Canopies, FRP Instrumention Motor Canopy - Motor Protection Shell

Lotus Fibre is specialised in manufacturing of excellent quality FRP Motor Canopy, Frp Intrumentation Canopy, FRP Motor Canopies, Motor protection Shell Canopies, Motor Canopy. One of the leading Exporter, Supplier & Manufacturer in Mumbai India of FRP Motor Canopies, Our FRP Motor canopy and FRP Instrumentation Canopy is extensively used in various industries for protecting the motor and intrumentation from weather etc. These frp motor canopies which is used for protecting various motors and instrumentation are manufactured using best quality frp material and by team of experts. The finished product of FRP Motor Canopy, Frp Intrumentation Canopy, FRP Motor Canopies goes through several parameters of quality check in line with industry standards and norms.

FRP Motor Protection Shell Manufacturer


FRP Motor Canopy - Protect The Work Horses Of The Industries from:

  • Water, Rain, Mist
  • Acid & Chemicals
  • Dust
  • Heat
  • Impact
  • The necessity to protect the equipment, needs no emphasis. The daily failures due to one reason or the other is reminding us always. A little money extra spent on the protective means like frp motor canopies, is worth, than facing the breakdown and failures i.e. PRODUCTION LOSS. The motors are invariably subjected to abnormal circumstances (other than the designed parameters) such as

    FRP Canopy Nature Of Work :
    Installed Directly Under Sun / Rain
    Installed In Dusty Atmosphere
    Installed In The Vicinity Of Flying Objects (E.G. Waste Paper, Clothes, Leaves Etc.)

    FRP Motor Canopies Accidental Conditions :
    Hit by falling object
    Excessive heating due to fire or heat in the vicinity.
    Splash of oil / acid / corrosive substances

    The motors should be protected from abnormal eventualities and should be guarded to minimize the risk of damages.

    To protect the equipment FRP MOTOR PROTECTION SHELL is suggested, which is a cover made of FRP ( hand lapping process)

    WHY FRP Motor Canopy for protection?
    Because FRP is

    GRP Motor Protection Shell Manufacturer in india Resistant To Corrosive Environment Of Coastal Areas /
    Chemical Plants / Refineries
    Mechanically Strong
    No Water Absorption
    Highly Insulating Material
    U. V. Stabilised
    Aesthetic Looks
    Maintenance Free
    Excellent Weatherability

    FRP Motor Protection Shell - FRP Motor Canopies :

    The salient feature are :

  • 1. One piece moulding giving a monolithic construction.
  • 2. LOUVERS are FRP Moulded and provided all around the protection shell (due care has been taken towards the cooling requirement of the motor under full load conditions). The advantage of FRP MOULDED LOUVERS IS THE LIFE, these louvers will last upto the life of the shell ( Unlike the other type of louvers that buckle in a short span under the influence of U .V. RAYS from the sunlight.)
  • 3. Have appropriate fixing arrangement for the ease of installation at site.
  • 4. MECHANICALLY STRONG. Extra thickness is given at appropriate places, enabling this to withstand the Stresses and Shocks to which it is normally subjected to at site during its lifespan.
  • 5. Lifting handle is provided.
  • Frp Moter Canopies Manufacturer in Mumbai

    FRP Motor Canopies and FRP Instrumentation Canopy Shape and Size :
    The size of the FRP MOTOR PROTECTION SHELL CANOPY is based on the physical dimensions of the motor cover it is so selected that a uniform clearance of at least 50mm is maintained on all sides with respect to the motor body for the purpose of:

  • Proper Circulation Of Air Along With The Louvers
  • For The Ease Of Installation/ Lifting
  • FRP INSTRUMENTATION CANOPY Should Cover The Motor Fully To Protect From

  • Rain water
  • Chemical or water spillages
  • Accidental fall of some material or the hit of some flying object under abnormal circumstances
  • FRP Motor Protection Shell - Canopies Specification :

    No. Parameters Specifications
    1. Material Of Construction FRP
    2. Type Of Resin ISO - Phthalic / Gen Purpose
    3. Glass Fibre CSM OF 450GMS
    4. Shape & Size As Per motor Size
    5. Colour D. A. Grey
    6. Thickness 3 to 5 mm
    7. Louvers Yes
    8. Handles Yes
    9. Finish Outside Smooth Finish
    10. Stiffeners Yes (in strip form by changing material orientation)
    11. Supporting As Required At Site By Frp Angles / Channels
    12. Corrosion Resistivity Yes
    13. Stability From U. V. Rays Yes
    14. Moulding Process Hand Lay - Up
    15. Flammability Low Flammability as per IS - 6746
    16. Glass Contents 30 to 33%
    17. Oxygen Index 30+
    18. Flame Spread Index 14 to 15
    19. Antistatic Yes ( If Required )

    FRP Instrumentation Canopyy Installation

    No Special Skill Is Required Just Keep The Shell Over The Required Arrangements.

    The FRP Motor protection shell is special designed by considering the general site conditions, the mounting arrangement The height of FRP Instrumentation Protection Shell Angles is adjusted according to the required parameters such as height of the motor above the foundation, rail mounted, flange mounted, resting directly over the foundation etc.

    Precaution while Installing FRP Motor Canopy and FRP Instrumentation Motor Canopy - Motor Protection Shell:-
    The FRP MOTOR PROTECTION SHELL should not significantly restrict air (Ventilation) Passage as such condition will lead to the burning of the motor (IT IS NOT SUPPOSED TO HAVE BOX LIKE SITUATION)

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