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  • Shades
  • Canopies
  • Boxes (Enclosures)
  • FRP PROTECTION for LCS equipments


    Sensitive Electronic / Instrumentation Equipment is TO BE protected from :-

  • Sun Light
  • Rain (Direct or Splash) / Water Leakage
  • Dirt & Dust Accumulation
  • Hit of falling Objects
  • Environmental Corrosion
  • Advantages :-

  • Reduces the Sun Face Temperature of Instruments
  • Minimize Instrument Drift
  • Environmental / Weather Protection
  • Technical Details :-

    Material Of Construction :- FRP (Fibre Reinforced Polyester) with U. V. Stabilised, Fire Retardant and Anti Static (If Reqd.) Properties
    Colour :- As Required (Normally RAL 7032)
    Thickness :- 3 mm to 5 mm
    Corrosion :- Resistant to Chemicals prevailing in Refineries / Chemical Plants and Coastal Areas
    Flammability :- Low as per IS-6746
    Oxygen Index :- 30+
    Flame Spread Index :- 14 to 15

    A) Mounting Arrangement & Accessories :-

    Mounting Of Box :- S. S. Pipe 63.5 NB x 100 with Base Plate
    Mounting Of Transmitter :- S. S. Pipe 50 NB x 200 with Base Plate
    Gasket :- Neoprene / Soft Rubber
    View Glass :- Yes (If required)
    Breather :- Yes (If required)
    Hardware :- S. S.
    Stand Bar :- Yes (S. S.)

    A) Mounting Of Canopies :-
    Canopies are mounted with

    a. 2 NOS of SS / Cadmium Coated U Clamps for 2" Pipe
    b. 70 O. D pipe socket with 130 mm base plate.

    Products Range :-

    Instrumentation Jn. Box Canopy With Front Sliding Door

     Frp Standard Transmitter Canopy Frp RTD Protection

    Sun Shade

    Frp Sunshade Frp Neck Mounting Type Frp Canopy for Temperature Transmitter



    Remote Mounting


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